Linksys Router Login

Access Linksys router login webpage, with admin. After setup Linksys smart WiFi, login to configure Linksys WiFi settings.

Steps To Login Linksys Smart WiFi

These instructions will show you how to get into your Linksys router using the IP address and default password provided by Linksys. 

You must have a Linksys router and any devices that connect to it to use the Linksys router login (Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone) .

Step 1

Connect Linksys Router To the Internet

Connect to your Linksys network with any device you want. Wireless connections are direct, whereas wired connections require the use of an ethernet cable. If you don’t know the default password for your Linksys router, you can connect to it with an ethernet connection.

Linksys Router Login Access Configure Linksyssmartrwifi

You must be connected to the Linksys network to access the configuration page. Linksys router setup and configure the settings of Linksyssmartwifi. 

Before continuing on to the following step, be sure you’ve established a network connection.


Linksys Router Login using IP address.

Enter the Linksys default IP address into the address bar of your browser of choice–Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. and are the most frequent Linksys Router IP addresses. 

You can save time by clicking on the provided links, which will take you directly to the Router IP addresses.

– – – http://192.168

If neither of these IP addresses work for your router model, a list of Linksys default IP addresses for various models may be found here. You may find the default router IP for your exact model below if you’re connected to the Linksys network.

Linksys Router Login

The “Router Password” is the only field that can be entered in the Linksys Router Web Interface. Although, depending on the model, this may or may not be the case. To access the control panel, you may need to input the Linksys router default login information. 

This includes the Username as well as the User password.

Access Using Default Credential 

We offer a solution if you are unsure about your Linksys router login credentials. Find the Linksys default password and username for your model by searching this page.

Login Linksys Smart WIFi Admin

Your Linksys router’s correct username and password are usually posted on a label on the bottom or side.

You’ll be greeted with the Linksys Web Interface or the Control Panel once you’ve logged in. You can now configure and even reset your Linksys router from a single location.